10 Tips For Successful Camping With Kids

We are a pretty close family. We like to spend time together and one of the things we look forward to is camping trips usually in the summer months. Our favorite camping spots include Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park, but we also love to hit our state parks and even have a couple of local campgrounds in our National forest that are sure fire hits with the kids.

We are by no means the Swiss Family Robinson, but have learned a few things that will help the new comers with young families on their first camping trip.

  • Arrive in enough time to set up your camp in daylight
  • Know what the rules are pertaining to campfires before you go. (You might need to pack a gas camp stove in many cases.)
  • Use a packing list: Don’t forget to list extra batteries, flashlights, medications, first aid kits, diapers & wet wipes etc. The internet is a great resource if you’re not sure what to pack.
  • Pack food items that are quick and easy to prepare. The rule of thumb here is keep it simple
  • Be prepared for a turn in the weather. Pack enough to keep warm, even in the summer months. Nights in the mountains are often a quick reminder of what winter feels like. The morning will not come soon enough if your toes are numb.
  • Decide what facilities you need in advance and choose your campground accordingly.
  • Pack a couple of 5 Gallon buckets with lids. We like to fill one with water for cleaning up before dinner etc. The other has a couple of towels and a good old fashioned bar of soap. We use a small square plastic bin to collect the used water so the campsite doesn’t turn muddy.
  • Pack enough flashlights for everyone. Flashlights can be almost like a Wii for the little ones and they will feel like big kids if they have one of their own.
  • Keep toys to a minimum-and loose the iPhones, Gameboys etc. The purpose of camping is to reconnect to nature and each other. It is really hard to do that with earphones in and eyes glued to a digital screen.
  • Relax and enjoy

Like mentioned at the beginning of this article, we are a close family. I firmly believe that is in large part due to the fact that we spend time with each other away from the home. Family vacations don’t need to require a second mortgage. There are many improved campgrounds within a short drive of just about any metro area. With a little planning and very little money places like
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