November 2017

A Brief Description On Nevada’s Top Camping Grounds

Camping is a very good activity for you and your family. If you have nothing else to do over the weekend, why not spend it on the most beautiful camping ground ever. Ending the week together with the family will surely be a one of a kind experience. Just make sure though that when planning to have an outdoor activity, bring along a self defense stun gun as this tool will give you ultimate protection.As responsible parents, you need to always ensure that you and your kids are having a great time ...
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6 Easy Tips and Helpful Hints For Setting Up a Pop Up Tent

1. Make sure you have a flat area that will fit the size and shape of your tent.2. Look around to make sure the area you chose will not get flooded if it rains overnight.3. Clear the area that you picked.a. Pick up any sticks or rocks that could poke holes in the bottom or your pop up tent.4. Lay the tent out flat and make sure you have all the parts before you begin assembling.a. Lay out all the poles and make sure they are secure.5. Put one pole at a time, through the correct pockets.a. If ...
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10 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Campsite

The spot you choose to for your campsite can make or break your camping experience. Here are some tips to help you select a good camping spot and get the best from your camping trip.1. Find an established spotEven in the wilderness, look for a spot that is suitable without having to clear or "make" the campsite.2. Choose the right piece of landThe terrain should be relatively flat, but with a slight slope and good drainage in case it rains. However the ground should not be too soft so your tent ...
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