3 Essential Tips For a Holiday in a 12 Person Tent

If you are planning a holiday in a 12 person tent then you need to read this. Camping is supposed to be fun, but make a few basic mistakes and it can become the holiday from hell.

If you are camping with another family it is worth discussing it long and hard to see how you will arrange responsibilities to ensure that everyone does get a holiday and there are not a couple of people who feel hard done by.

Below are the three main areas to agree on before you make any firm plans.

1. Carefully choose your location. This becomes more important the more people you are camping with. To explain, lets suppose that it starts to rain and there are only two of you. Its no big deal, you have a whinge about it and then you get a beer, read a book, or put the worlds to rights. When there are 12 people to amuse in bad weather it is a lot harder. So pick you location carefully to minimise your chances of bad weather.

2. Only use the tent for sleeping. However big your tent is, 12 people is a lot. The best way to handle this number of people is to use the tent for storing your equipment and for sleeping. You should plan to eat outside as much as possible and spend your waking hours outside.

3. Choose the right tent. This may sound obvious, but just because a tent is for a large number of people it does not make it the right tent. Assuming you don’t want to be packed in like sardines, you should choose a 12 person tent which will sleep 12 people on cots. You should also check out the height and if the walls slope and if so how much space you cannot use.

Once you have agreed on these couple of areas you will then have to fine tune your plans, for example the sleeping arrangements. There are basically two ways to do this. The first is to throw all the kids in one room and the adults in the other. This works well if they are all heading to bed at a similar time. The other option is to have one family in one room and another family in another room, this allow for routines from home to be continued more easily.

The final thing to consider is the packing. It is worth having an approximate agreement as to what you will take. If you are all prepared similarly it will make dealing with things a lot easier especially with the younger kids who will all want to be able to do the same things at the same time.

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