3 Season Tents – What Are They?

Camping can be an exciting adventure and if you are on a budget can be an alternative to hotels, camper vans and caravans. As a holiday it is completely different to a hotel break. You have to be up to coping with more challenges for example weather conditions, wild animals etc. It can be a great holiday for a family, there is something exciting about being out in the open air in a tent. It’s an ideal place for ghost stories and bonding.

The type chosen will depend on a few factors:

1. How many people will occupy the tent.

2. Room for storage of equipment.

3. Climatic conditions, depending on the weather you can have 2 season, 3 season or 4 season tents.

4. Height of the tallest occupant.

5. Budget.

6. Weight, if it has to be carried over a long distance.

3 season tents are an ideal tent for most situations. If you are new to camping, you must be asking what are these tents?. Well, it is a tent that can handle a typical spring, summer or autumn (fall) day, most people will not be camping in the winter. There’s always the 4 season tent for those brave enough to camp during the winter.

Features of 3 season tents are:

1. They tend to be less expensive than 4 season variety.

2. They come with mesh inner lining which reduces condensation produced through breathing.

3. A three season tent is waterproof.

4. These kind of tents are easier to construct than the four season variety.

5. They are lighter then the 4 season one, they have less bars and are better suited for long distance walking.

6. They come with the option of a fly, which can be used to keep the tent cool during the summer.

7. Theses tents have more the one opening for air ventilation.

When purchasing a tent make sure to do your due diligence as there is an extensive range to chose from.

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