3 Tasty Beverages to Make With a Rechargeable Blender

Do you like fruit juices, shakes and smoothies? Do you like to enjoy the comforts of home during your camping trips? We often assume that “roughing it” means giving up any luxuries that are part of our everyday routines. Granted, microwaves and refrigerators do not fit well into your camping backpack. And you probably do not have 60 miles of extension cord to run from the wilderness, to your home. But does that mean that camping trips in places such as Berlin Ohio will reduce your meals to trail mix and canned beans? Fortunately, technology has made camping not only more convenient, but tastier as well.

Some drinks may seem improbable or even impossible in the wilderness. A fruit shake is certainly out of the question, right? In fact, a Coleman rechargeable blender makes it easy to whip up all kinds of tasty beverages:

Juices: Blenders are perfect for creating tasty and healthy fruit and vegetable juices. With fruits alone, you can make juices from grapes, strawberries, apples, mangoes, pears, and melons. If you make a vegetable juice, you can use, among other vegetables: carrots, spinach, celery, tomato (though it is technically a fruit), peppers, and even turnip greens (ugh!). The combinations that you can whip up with your Coleman rechargeable blender are limitless. You could even mix fruits and vegetables, though it is not highly recommended.

Juice tips

– It is better to keep the skins on the fruits and vegetables – they are full of vitamins, and fiber in particular.

– Experts recommend that everyone, including those in Berlin Ohio

– consume five servings of fruits and vegetables daily. So one glass of fruit and vegetable juice daily will help you to meet your daily requirements.

– If you are not used to eating many fruits, start your juicing gradually.

– Sweet fruits make the best juice. If you are going to use citrus fruits such as oranges, use them as a base and then add the sweet fruits.

– Add a banana to create a smoother consistency and reduce the tartness of fruits that are high in citric acid, such as grapefruits and oranges.

Shakes: Shakes are a little fancier than juices, but also provide as many varieties as your imagination can cook up. One of my favorite flavors is strawberry and banana. Along with the fruit, add six ice cubes and a cup of yogurt or milk. These two ingredients will make your shake chilled and creamier. If you are a chocoholic you can prepare a chocolate shake, instead of a fruit shake. A protein shake is another option for those who use them as a part of their daily regimens. Whichever shake you make, blend it for about 30 seconds.

Diet shake tips

– Your diet shake should have about 26-28 calories per ounce

– Use skim or low-fat milk. There should only be one cup of milk per shake

– Consider adding 1/2 teaspoon of toasted wheat germ. It is low and calories and will make your shake even healthier.

– If you want your shake to be sweeter, use a sugar sweetener with no calories

Smoothies: Smoothies are closer to shakes than to juices. These beverages have a liquid base (i.e. fruit juice, milk, or yogurt). If you like a thicker smoothie, add less liquid base. Add more if you like a thinner smoothie. Then add frozen or fresh fruit to the liquid base.

Coleman rechargeable blenders are perfect for campers who want to maintain a healthy diet during their camping trips to Berlin Ohio or another location. Juices, shakes and smoothies are easy to prepare and can be an outstanding pick-me-up before or after your full day of camping activities. Let’s drink to your health!

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