5 Things to Ask Yourself When Buying Any Outdoors Product

#1 How often am I going to use this product?

Too many of us set out to buy a new outdoor product to add to our collections without thinking about the amount of usage, wear and tear the item is going to see during its’ use on your outdoor adventures. All to often we buy a product that will never last as long as initially planned. We often fall for the low priced items and usually end up getting something with lower quality that doesn’t last. Even if your new item does last, we’re often unhappy with it soon after purchasing it because it lacks the features needed to really make your experience outdoors a much better one. That leads me to question #2.

#2 Is this product going to meet all my needs?

We too often see a product we like and quickly snap it up without really thinking about how we will be using it. What do you really know about the item? Have you checked out the manufacturer’s website yet to look over ALL the features? Maybe the same manufacturer makes a slightly better product with more options – the options you will need on your next adventure? How many times have you found yourself buying a “starter” product and later finding yourself upgrading to a better model the following year? There are several reasons this happens to most of us and I believe the most common reason is we did not imagine ourselves in all the different scenarios we’d be using the product. The best way to solve this problem – more research before buying.

#3 How long am I going to need this product?

Generally, the longer I view myself using a product, the higher the quality and number of features I will look for before making the purchase. I realize that I want to keep the item in working condition for the long term and even more important, I want to be happy with my purchase for years to come. The best way to do this is avoid cheap products of inferior quality and design. Sometimes it’s actually cheaper in the long run to invest more money today on a product that will last and meet your needs. Upgrading later is more costly than picking the right product today.

#4 Does this item require maintenance?

Planning ahead pays off when it comes to the maintenance of new items you purchase. Thinking about buying a gun? Guns need oil and a cleaning kit to avoid rust. If you avoid rust today you will avoid costly repairs in the future! Make sure you buy a cleaning kit to keep it in “like-new” condition for years to come. Buying a trolling motor? Don’t forget a high quality wiring, battery, charger and maintenance supplies to keep your batteries charged and clean. Almost every product you buy and take out on your next adventure will require cleaning and maintenance. Keep that in mind the next time you’re ready to buy.

#5 How do other people rate this product?

There are plenty of reviews on almost any product imaginable. You will see both good and bad information about a product while reading reviews. Read at least 10 reviews about a product before jumping to any conclusions about it, good or bad. Be careful not to pay too much attention to the overly simple reviews such as “I just love this product” and take that as your signal that it’s OK to buy. You want to read informative reviews where people actually list both the good and bad about a product. Sometimes the “bad” reviews are simply minor complaints that the product mentioned didn’t come in the color or size the customer needed or any number of things that might not matter to you. If you do not take the time to fully read the reviews then do yourself a favor and skip the reviewing process altogether. The review process will also bring other questions to mind that you should be considering while shopping. Just because an item is rated 4 or 5 stars does not mean it’s the product you should be buying.

We believe if you take the time to evaluate and research products properly before you buy, you will save money in the long run, be happier with the products you do buy and even happier about the products you do not buy!

At Northern Edge Outdoor Products, we do much of the work for you by only selling products from the best manufacturers of high quality items you need to enjoy the great outdoors!


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