5 Tips for Choosing Your New Swag Bed Roll Tent for Your Next Camping and Fishing Trip

Swag bed rolls and what people want them for have really changed a lot in the past 5 years so we recently took a big trip and looked at all the best swags and asked just about everyone we met what they really, really wanted and liked in a swag.

Here are the results.

1. Make sure that the canvas used is strong, tough and at least 15oz weight. Anyone can call any fabric canvas just by dipping it in some waterproofing chemical and there are a lot of cheap swags in the marketplace which have canvas that just doesn’t last.

2. Avoid swags where the foot end is sewn shut as swags can get very hot inside without ventilation and on a wet night you want to be able to get the foot of the swag up off your feet and gear because no matter what some people might tell you, canvas isn’t waterproof – it gets wet and swells in the rain. This is why swags are different to nylon tents which are completely waterproof but don’t breathe and so can be sweatboxes on hot nights.

3. Avoid swags that have a canvas base as water will come up through the base from wet ground. Usually you will find this type of swag has a plastic sheet built in to the bottom of the mattress. Again, canvas is not waterproof and there is nothing worse than sleeping on a wet mattress.

4. Avoid swags that have a complicated set up or can’t be set up without poles. Many times on your journeys poles will be lost or broken and if the swag depends on them then it is useless.

5. Avoid swags that are big and bulky, often you will need to share luggage space with other people so you don’t want to not be able to fit your swag in because it is too big.

Ask yourself is the swag you are looking at light, tough, compact, and can it be put up and down easily even if you forget or run over the poles. Imagine it is pouring rain and you are tired and want to set up quickly, or it is a cold wet morning and you want to break camp and be on your way.

These are the things you should consider BEFORE you buy, it’s too late when you are out there.

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