5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Campervan Holiday Itinerary

The purpose of a campervan holiday is to see and do as much as possible while enjoying the freedom of camping. In order to be able to see and do everything which you want, you have to plan things in advance and to create a flawless itinerary. Follow the tips shared below to do a brilliant job.

Research all places of interest and attractions carefully.

This will give you a precise idea of how fun they are and whether they are worth visiting. You should also figure out how much time you want to spend enjoying each place and attraction. You should be realistic and provide sufficient time for rest in your campervan holiday itinerary. Otherwise, the attractions may not be as fun as expected.

Look into upcoming events.

You may want to include special events as well as stationary attractions in your itinerary. You should check event calendars for all the places which you plan to visit. They are available on the websites of local travel bureaus and general travel website for the destination.

Take road traffic into consideration.

Even if the distance between two places is short, this does not necessarily mean that you will get from one of them to the other quickly. The time necessary for making the trip will depend greatly on the traffic in the area. Make sure that you plan for it. You should check the days and times of the day with the least traffic. You may also want to consider alternative routes which you can include in your campervan holiday itinerary.

Check carefully the accessibility of each campsite.

Find out whether it can be reached with the campervan given the route, the condition of the road and the requirements of the rental company, if any. If you want to access sites which cannot be reached with the campervan, you have to consider alternatives such as walking and biking. You will have to get the necessary gear as well.

Make provisions for parking the campervan.

When you visit a certain place, you have to ensure that big enough parking space will be available for the vehicle. You have to provide for the cost, if any, as well. In big cities, you will most probably have to park the vehicle in the outskirts and go around on foot or use the public transport. You have to make provisions for this as well.

Last, but certainly not least, you should make full use of the specially designed software and online tools for making the dreamed campervan holiday itinerary. These have direct integration with maps, weather forecast services and traffic information services and will certainly help to make things absolutely perfect.

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