5 Top Sleeping Bag Tips

If you’ve ever experienced a soggy sleeping bag in the morning or can’t stay warm and wonder why then read on and learn how to become an expert with your sleeping bag and love it even more.

1. Avoid a soggy sleeping bag, especially at the feet. If your tent has any condensation on it, especially the wall where your feet are you can either make sure your feet don’t touch it during the night (not always possible) or try these tips:

  • protect the foot of your sleeping bag from getting wet by wrapping it up in your rain gear or,
  • put a garbage bag around the outside of your sleeping bag where your feet are. Condensation issue solved!

2. Try before you buy. Seriously, climb into the different sleeping bags in the store before you decide. This is a big investment and one of the most important pieces of camping and backpacking gear you need.

I highly recommend the mummy style bag for everyone and it’s really important that you are comfortable inside it. Too much room and you might not stay warm. Not enough wiggle room and you probably won’t sleep well because you won’t be that comfortable.

3. Many manufacturers make an extra long length which is perfect for tall campers and hikers but also is perfect for storing sensitive gear. The extra space at the foot end is ideal for storing gear that shouldn’t freeze like batteries, water and your electronic devices.

4. Over dressing at night. Often when we’re cold at night we tend to layer up. But if we wear too many layers our sleeping bags can’t do their job efficiently. If you have extra space in your bag, extra layers can take up the dead air and keep you warmer. If you don’t have much wiggle room inside then the extra layers you wear can work against you and keep the bag from properly insulating you.

5. Cold feet? Many of us have cold feet at night, especially if we’re camping or hiking in cooler climates. This tip works for us every time. We hike with aluminum water bottles and at night time we pour hot water into them. Then, we slip them into one of our hiking socks and put them inside the foot area of our sleeping bags. Our feet stay warm and cozy and we have fresh cool water to drink by morning. It’s the perfect camping hot water bottle!

Follow these 5 easy tips to become an expert with your sleeping bag and enjoy the nights even more when you are out in nature.

Happy Camping!

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