A Beginners Guide To Getting The Right Camping Tent For Your Needs

It can be quite ominous if you have never been camping before and you go looking for your first tent. Your mind is full of questions such as what size will I need? How much should I pay? These are all sensible questions, and if you haven’t been camping before then you should not expect to know. There are some factors thought that you need to be aware of before you rush and buy the first tent you see.

There are three considerations to take into account when you shop for a tent; the size, cost and strength of the tent. The size is quite self-explanatory, if you are going camping and there are four of you then you need to look a four man tent and above. I say above as in my experience a four man tent is not really big enough for two adults and two children with all their belongings. I would suggest a larger size so you have more room for everyone. You need to think that if the weather is bad you need somewhere to store all of your camping gear.

The cost is a big consideration. Do not always think just because a tent is small it will be cheaper than a larger tent. Often there are special lightweight backpacking tents that cost considerably more than say an eight man tent, this is because often backpacking tents are made with special materials and can withstand the elements much more that a larger tent such as an eight man tent. The cost will depend heavily on how much you go camping. If you are only going once a year in the high season then a cheaper tent more suited for the summer would suffice. If however you wish to go in all seasons then look at getting the best value for your money in terms of durability and quality.

The strength depends again in what environment you will be camping in. for instance if you are camping halfway up a mountain on rugged terrain then you are going to need a really strong tent with a footprint groundsheet and Gore-Tex lining to withstand the elements. If you are only going to be camping though on conventional campsites which are predominately grass, then you will need a less rigid lightweight tent for your needs. Remember if you are only going camping two to three times a year then it is not wise to buy the all singing and dancing tent as it will be to much kit for the money so to speak.

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