A Budget Conscious Way To Go On A Holiday: Camping

More and more families are opting to go on camping excursions than ever before due to the economy. Going camping is a whole lot cheaper than traveling abroad and staying in a hotel room. All you need for a camping excursion is a full tank of gas, some gear, a first aid kit, food and a few extras here and there. The key to having a fun and safe trip is to be fully prepared. Here are a few helpful hints to help you get ready for your next fun filled weekend!

Bring alone a few coolers; one for food and one for drinks. If you plan on walking or traveling away from the grounds you can also opt to bring a backpack cooler around. This will enable you to conveniently carry goodies around as you explore the area on foot. It’s generally easier to bring along packaged foods that are sealed or canned. Certain specialty stores such as Trader Joe’s carry delicious prepared package foods such as appetizing Thai style tuna and Brazilian corned beef in pouches that are easy to open and carry along. These are so delicious that I like to eat them straight out their pouches from the comfort of my own home!

Be alert of your surroundings and be aware of the fact that some camping grounds are known as “bear territory”. We may think they are cute and adorable but remember that these are wild animals. Prevent bears from wandering over by putting food away right after you are done with your meal and try to eat away from your sleeping area. Leave scented items alone since wild animals may be attracted to the odor and pay you a visit. A lot of grounds that are in bear territory will provide you with steel boxes where you can store your food; make sure that every last bit is stored away safely in these boxes.

The number one injury sustained during a camping trip isn’t wild animal attacks but actually burn injuries. It’s better to be safe than sorry; don’t ever use gasoline in order to start a fire and don’t start one when it’s super windy outside as this can cause the entire forest to burn down. Don’t let the fire burn unattended but keep a close eye on it at all times. Putting out the fire will also help to prevent wild animals from getting close the camping grounds since some animals are attracted to heat and light.

The outdoors can be a dangerous place so make sure you bring your emergency first aid kit with you. Include items such as bandages, wound cleaner and scissors. Don’t forget to bring along batteries, a GPS device, maps, a phone, a flashlight and plenty of batteries. Make sure that you let your friends and family where you will be at and when you plan on returning. Also pack along a few mosquito nets and some insect spray since insects and mosquitoes can e abundant in forest areas.

Camping can be fun but also dangerous. Being prepared in advance will help ensure that your trip will be a safe and fun one. You can become familiar with the grounds prior to arriving by reading about it on the web. This will let you know what type of animal wildlife and surroundings you can expect. So why not go camping next time? It’s a lot cheaper than a regular vacation and will save you lots of money!

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