A Buying Guide For Rucksacks

If you are intending to do a lot of hiking or walking next spring/summer it is important that you purchase yourself the right equipment. Along with good boots you also need to get yourself a good rucksack to carry provisions, a tent, and sleeping bag if you intend to be away for several days and some extra clothing. But as there are so many different kinds of rucksacks to select from choosing the right one for you can prove somewhat of a challenge.

So below we offer a few pointers that you should keep in mind when you are choosing the rucksack you want.

1. First off it is important that you sit down and think about what you will be putting in to yours. By knowing what you will carry in yours you can then decide what size of rucksack you are going to require. It is important that you don’t go for a large size one because you may find yourself inadvertently putting more into that is actually required and so increasing the weight you are then going to be carrying. Also don’t think that going for a smaller size one is a better option because they are cheaper it just means that you will have to secure a lot more of your gear on the outside.

2. Next you need to make sure that the one you go fits well on your back. If you can try out several different types that you are thinking of purchasing with some weight included inside. If you can put in the same amount of weight that you would expect to be carrying in yours when out and about.

3. When trying them out make sure that the straps all provide support to your body and help to ensure that the weight inside is distributed evenly. Then spend some time in the store trying the rucksack out. You should do the following lean forward and backwards to ensure that the weight remains evenly distributed within it along with swaying from side to side. If you find that it starts to move then this can lead to your balance being thrown off.

Also it is a good idea to walk around a few times in the store including up and down stairs to see if the weight within is evenly distributed. Plus you will soon become aware if there are going to be problems that although may only be minor at the moment but become a very large problem when wearing it for considerable amounts of time.

4. Look carefully the shoulder straps on the rucksacks making sure that they have sufficient amounts of padding but are firm. Plus look for those that will ensure that the pack remains in the central part of your back so helping you to remain well balanced. They should fit snug to your body but still allow plenty of movement to your arms and upper body.

5. Finally when it comes to rucksacks make sure that they come with a good hip belt which is what will be bearing the main weight of what is carried in them. This will not only help to ensure that when you are carrying yours it feels comfortable but is also helping to ensure the strain being placed on your back when wearing it for sometime is reduced.

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