3 Season Tents – What Are They?

Camping can be an exciting adventure and if you are on a budget can be an alternative to hotels, camper vans and caravans. As a holiday it is completely different to a hotel break. You have to be up to coping with more challenges for example weather conditions, wild animals etc. It can be a great holiday for a family, there is something exciting about being out in the open air in a tent. It's an ideal place for ghost stories and bonding. The type chosen will depend on a few factors: 1. ...
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7 Tips For a Tent Fly

For the passionate camper a tent and its proper use are of first priority. The first thing most people do when they get into camp is to put up the tent. Since most of the time the tent fly is not used much many people become unaware of some important specifics when it comes to that. The fly further shields you against rain and snow by protecting the roof and with some models extending the drip-line additionally from the sides so that precipitation will stay out of reach from the walls of ...
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