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7 Secrets To A Great Camping Adventure Revealed

Having the correct camping gear is a vital component of any great camping adventure for your comfort and safety. When preparing for your trip, you should consider the climate and terrain of the campsite and the activities you'll be involved in. Take into consideration how far the campsite will be from your car, as this will affect the amount of weight and bulk you can manage. For example, if you plan to hike for a number of days, you'll want to think lightweight. If you plan to set up ...
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6 Essential Camping Safety Tips

Summer is the perfect time to pack a sleeping bag, pitch a tent, and thrust yourself into the great outdoors. But the great outdoors is often a lot more dangerous than the great indoors. Here are some tips to follow to ensure that you have a safe, happy, and healthy camping trip. Wear bug repellent Not only will you avoid the annoyance of slapping mosquitoes, but you will also avoid possible allergic reactions that may come with bug bites. Some insects (ticks, for example) can also cause ...
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